Our Classes

BARRE- a full body workout emphasizing the core, with a deep focus on the lower body. The movements consist of small, isolated “concentrated” moves to isolate and target specific muscles, infused with bigger, full range of motions to help lengthen and stretch the muscles and to ensure functionality, which will translate to improved daily life, and help improve balance. 

BOOTY BARRE- developed by fitness expert, Tracey Mallet. The techniques used are designed to streamline, firm, and tighten muscles and re-align the body without adding bulk. This helps to create balance, posture, flexibility, strength & shape.The glutes are worked in all different motions to lift and shape it. By working in bigger, longer movements, as well as small, isolated movements, it allows us to work ALL muscles of the leg to create balance. The class also targets spinal extensors and core.

BARRE SCULPT- an interval based class, alternating exercises between the quads, glutes, upper body via compound movements and cardio bursts to attain functional strength.  This class is ever flowing, transitioning from one segment to another creating an increased heart rate, resulting in improved aerobic capacity and overall strength. 

CIRCUIT- interval based class focusing on strength & cardio via rotating stations of exercise, using many different fitness modalities. 

SCULPT & STRENGTH- Engage major muscle groups and recruit smaller muscle groups to assist in controlled, focused movement to blast calories and sculpt lean muscle. Muscular endurance and strength is the focus, which will in turn help to kickstart your metabolism. A variety of training methods (HIIT, yoga, plyometrics, and more), along with one to many props (dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and more), are used to create a stronger, balanced, more defined body

TRX- A full body strength workout, with the TRX Suspension Straps, that uses one's own body weight & gravity to create the resistance. Whether a movement/exercise focuses on upper or lower body, the core is always engaged and working. TRX will improve strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. Although mainly a strength focused workout, cardio bursts can be added into a class.

BARRE POWER- a 45 minute class, still hitting every body part for maximum results with maximum effort, while maximizing time! 

BARRE SCULPT 45- a 45 minute version of our full length barre sculpt class. Don't be mistaken, every muscle and body part will be hit and worked to YOUR maximum intensity.