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Barre & Running...the lowdown!

Barre and running go together like PB&J!

Running in Park City, UT...can't beat the low humidity! #barre helped with the hills!

“Barre (Barre Fitness) provides a terrific workout for runners and endurance athletes. It focuses on strengthening muscle groups that tend to be weaker for runners, helping to prevent injury and maximize performance." -Jesica D'Avanza, marathon coach and writer, at runladylike.com

Running...ah, all the feels...freedom, endorphins, connect with nature, spiritual time, mood improvement...a way to disconnect so that you can reflect...

Some Ins and Outs of Running

We all know that running is high impact, therefore it is highly advisable to add in cross training so that you reduce the risk of injury. Cross training refers to participating/training in other sports or types of exercise so that you will improve and have higher performance in your "main" sport/activity. Additionally, it would be ideal for your cross training utilize other planes of movement, than that of your main sport. Running is movement within the sagittal plane...this means front to back movements.  As mentioned to Competitor Running by Ryan Bair, a sports physical therapist and owner of Flash Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center in West Chester, Pa, running is essentially a series of hops from one foot to the other. However, for running to be balanced and possible, we need to be able to move specific amounts in all three planes of movement. We need to also strengthen accessory muscles to help support and/or take over when the larger muscle groups are fatigued. All of this will help increase strength, endurance and speed.


So, remember, earlier we said that running is high impact and should do other things to help prevention injury...well, that's where barre comes into play! It does all of the things we need to improve running! It's low impact, so you'll be giving your body a break from high impact demands of running and will help keep your body more balanced, in more ways than one. Barre is isometric focused, allowing all other joints to rest, while strengthening specific muscles. Barre targets muscles runners neglect, such as all the muscles close to the bones/hips, which require smaller specific muscle contractions like those performed with barre exercise. 

More reasons to love Barre!

- builds core strength, which is essential for balance and correct running form. The core is also what helps to propel you forward when running, while keeping your middle still. Increased core strength also helps to alleviate an unnecessary stress on your back

-with how barre exercises are performed (on releve, barefoot and/or single leg focus) it helps to build strength in your ankles, feet and hips, therefore increasing stability and reducing risk of injury

-barre is also a means to build/increase muscular endurance, which is most helpful when your miles are getting longer and longer and muscle fatigue begins to set in; this is when you need your muscles to power through (this is muscular endurance)


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