The Word on the Street

I took 2 years away from barre classes to rehab a back injury. When I felt ready, I chose Barre Fitness to restart my fitness journey. The classes are always challenging and fun and the instructors are positive and encouraging. I felt comfortable and welcome there from day 1, and I have seen BETTER (and FASTER) results than I have seen from other barre studios because the workouts at Barre Fitness are different every single time. My muscles are challenged new ways each week. I have lost over 30 pounds and I am feeling STRONG and HAPPY!

-Elizabeth D., Tampa

I have been going to Barre Fitness for 4 years. I go every other Saturday, and even at that frequency, I have notice GREAT changes in my muscle tone and definition in my booty, legs, and core.  Denise really pushes you so that you see real gains. I love the variety of classes; always something new to keep me engaged and looking forward to it.

-Stefanie P., 41, Valrico

I have been taking classes for 8 months and I love it! All of the instructors are great and push me to work my hardest. I used to dread working out, but since starting Barre Fitness, I actually look forward to every class AND I look and feel better than ever! I would highly recommend Barre Fitness for anyone looking for a fun/non-traditional workout that keep you on your toes!

-Madison A.

Barre Fitness is an AMAZING workout! Denise and her staff create very challenging workouts that continue to challenge me and increase my strength and flexibility. I have been attending Barre Fitness for 6 1/2 years and I love it as much as day1!

-Alisa D.